Thursday, January 8, 2009

Going Live at Apache Con EU 2009

After I have settled in in my new role at Progress within the Open Source Center of Competence I will "go live" in that new role at ApacheCon Europe 2009 in Amsterdam with 3 presentations.

In a session called Distributed Team Building we will have a closer look at developing a distributed application based on an Enterprise Service Bus. As the components and services are developed quite independently from each other,the specification for each component and it's documentation must be fit for retrieval and reuse. New challenges for development teams include knowledge sharing and knowledge reuse as well as shorter and more agile development iterations. Teams also have to overcome their fears when it comes down to changing their way of working. We will have a look at some strategies to address those challenges and overcome the fears in order to compose a team working successfully in an agile and distributed environment.

Another session called Servicemix Topologies has been inspired by the work I have done for a large retail chain in Europe. For that company I had to deploy round about 2000 containers collaborating with each other across eastern Europe. So in this talk we will look at some deployment topologies for ESB applications based on Apache ServiceMix. To illustrate the topologies we will deploy a sample application into various constellations and discuss the pro's and con's of each approach. Especially we will look at fail over and load balancing capabilities, throughput, deployment complexity and discuss the packaging of an application feasible for distributed deployment. Finally we will come up with a potential approach for deploying such a distributed retail application with Apache ServiceMix.

Finally we will turn to the topic of Tooling for ServiceMix where we will walk through the development and deployment of a sample application based on Apache Service Mix 4. After a short overview of the Service Mix 4 architecture and principles we will use the Eclipse based FUSE Integration Designer to design and implement a sample workflow. We will then package this workflow up into OSGi bundles and demonstrate how to deploy those via a central Maven repository into a given Service Mix instance instance.

Hope to see you in Amsterdam.

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